Graying or white hair is caused by lack of pigment in the hair follicle.

50 by 50

50% of guys have gray hair
by age of 50

Common Causes:

● Smoking Cigarettes
● Stress
● Poor Diet (low on vitamin B12)


Frizzy and frayed hair can cause a stressed look and is a sign of underlying hair health issues. The cause is damage to the outer layer of the hair, called the cuticle. Frizzy hair is often dry or damaged.  

Frizz Prevention:

● Quality Conditioner: infuses hair with nutrients and moisture
● Less Shampoo: shampooing too often can strip hair of oils
● Avoid Aggressive brushing/towel drying


Facial hair growth is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is coincidentally the same thing that can cause male pattern baldness. This is a genetic trait. Avoid treatments that try to increase DHT levels, as they have nasty side effects (such as liver problems) and are likely to induce balding. 

The Silver Lining

If you can’t grow a beard, you’re way less likely to suffer from baldness! 

Male Pattern Baldness

It's the most common form of hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) accounts for up to 95% of baldness. It's when the hair recedes from the sides of the forehead into a “horseshoe” shape.

What causes MPB?

 For the most part, MPB is a reflection of your parent's genetics. However, nutrition, drug use and stress are known to take a psychical toll on our body's.


Poor nutrition can be attributed to thinning or brittle hair, although not usually full baldness. The key vitamins and nutrients for hair growth are protein, biotin, zinc, and iron.

By Age 30

of men have

By Age 60

of men have

STRESS: Stress has been linked to hair loss as well.

DRUGS: Certain drugs can cause complete hair loss or thinning, the primary ones being those for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol.

ALOPECIA AREATA: This is an autoimmune dissorder and it is less common than the other causes. This type of baldness shows up in spots that are not common to the male pattern baldness above, such as the back of the head, beard, eyebrows, or above the ears. 

Are there any solutions?

Strides have been taken towards natural hair loss prevention, however there is no true solution at this time. A popular remedy is snake oil treatments, which helps your scalp retain moisture and blocks out harmful elements. There other manufactured products that claim to do the trick - however, results are not definite. If you do decide to try one out, make sure it is approved by FDA and American Hair Association, though, even these solutions can have nasty side effects. The only foolproof option for MPB is embrace it. Proclaim that bald is beautiful and have confidence in yourself. In fact, many women prefer bold men.