It's a smoother shave.
It'll save you money.
And, it just feels manly.
Gentlemen, it's time...


The Ultimate Guide


In this guide you'll find:
'Modern' vs. 'Traditional' Shaving
Tools For a Proper Wet Shave
6 Step “How To” On Wet Shaving
Fun Facial Hair Facts


Most males begin to grow facial hair between the ages of 14 & 16. They continue to grow facial hair throughout their lifetime. 55% of those males have beards (or facial hair), whereas the remaining 45% are clean shaven.


If you are in the smooth 45%, please keep reading. If you you are in the furry 55%, here is a fun factoid.




The difference is in the blades. Somewhere along the way, we got caught in the hype of 2 blades. We were led to believe that 2 blades would do twice the work in one fell swoop. Then it was 3 blades, with 3X the shaving power. Then 4. Then 5. But, the truth of the matter is, one blade is just fine. In fact, it's even better.


With a classic razor(), there is one blade in continuous contact with wet soapy skin, resulting in a close, comfortable shave. The first blade of a modern razor() has a similar effect, however the additional 2nd, 3rd, and 4th blades often connect directly with the skin, causing dryness and irritation.


Modern vs. Classic








It's true, having a smooth manly face comes at a cost, but you can save shaving money by switching razors.



Shrink the grooming bills.

In just two years of wet shaving, you'll save around $382 dollars. That's just the beginning.


*Click graph
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Money copy.jpg

Over a 5 year period, you'll save over $1000 in grooming costs.



There are many ways to pull off  a successful wet shave, but these tools are ideal for getting started.



What’s a safety razor? It's a razor with a protective devise between the edge of the blade and the skin. This type of razor was introduced in the late 1800's, but it's design was profound, as it allowed men to get a close shave with much less risk of harming themselves. Of the two styles, single blade or double edged, double edged safety razors remain the most popular alternative to cartridge razors.


Why use soap? A good shaving bar has soothing and nourishing vitamins and oils. Dr. Squatch's Clay Mint shaving bar, for instance has ultra-lubricating bentonite clay, deep moisturizing castor oil, irritation-defying cocoa butter, and sweet-smelling peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Simply put, a good shaving soap will provide a healthier, smoother shave.


What’s the brush for? A brush provides a superior application of shaving cream or soap. It adds richness to the lathering by softening and lifting hairs off the face. It also helps to exfoliate the skin and spreads lubricants in to your pores. Dr. Squatch uses a synthetic brush for the perfect balance between cost, performance, and environmental impact.



Here is our 6 Step "How To" on the perfect shave.

Step 1

Prep brush by soaking brush in warm water for a minute or so.

Step 2

Prep face by applying a warm damp cloth to your face for roughly 30 seconds.

Step 3

Shake water off brush. Add soap by moving the brush in a circular motion
in the soap conatainer.

Step 4

Apply lather  by using the brush in a circular motion to draw facial hair outward away from it’s roots.

Step 5

Shave with the grains at a 30-45 degree angle - using the weight of the razor to shave.


Step 6

Rinse off face with cold water and apply aftershave or balm to reduce irritation and moisturize skin.



Get Started with the Dr. Squatch Shave Kit

  • Shave Bar: with bentonite clay and oils of castor, peppermint, and eucalyptus for a smooth refreshing shave.
  • Shave Brush: Lather up with our brush that is soft on the face, safe on the environment, and lathers excessively.
  • Shave Mug:  Made in USA, this 100% copper mug is the perfect place to store your lather.