#MoSquatch Movember

One of our missions at Dr. Squatch is to empower men and we believe that Movember is a really great cause and way to spread awareness about men's health. 

That's why we're giving away a FREE bar of soap to EVERY person who enters our contest!  

In addition, at the end of each week, we're going to pick the person with the best picture and reason for doing Movember to receive a $100 donation to their Movember campaign from Dr. Squatch!  Winners will be announced on our social media pages every Friday!

How to Enter

  1. Take a picture of your 'stache
  2. Upload the picture to either Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #mosquatch.
  3. In the caption, explain why you are doing Movember & mention Dr. Squatch.
  4. That's it!  We'll reach out to you at the end of the month to get your bar out to you and announce if you won the $100 donation. 

Team #MoSquatch Movember